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Ensembles (and Bands)

2008-2009: City Composers' Collective (CCC) [open project; improvisations with violin, clarinet, percussive instruments and found objects, recorded sound, live synthesis and processing ]. An excerpt of an improvisation (c.10 min) is published on the online journal eContact by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC); click here to listen.

2003-2005: City Live Electronics improvisation ensemble [open project; recorded sound, voice and instruments (including 2 flutes, arabic nay, cello and found objects) fed through computers running Max/MSP, various USB and MIDI controllers, OSC].

2001-2002: Composers' Experimental Ensemble (C.E.E.) [open project; instruments included 2 pianos, ud, bagpipes, voices, bass gtr., found objects].

1994-1998: The Pit & the Pendulum [avant-rock, experimental works, music for films].

1993: '93 project [arrangements for voice, violin, synth, electric gtr., bass and drums of traditional British and Irish folk songs from the period roughly 1450-1850].

1990-1991: minimal orientated band [alto v., male reciting v., alto & tenor saxes, synth, el. gtr., bass, drum kit].

1989: avant-garde project [v., el. gtr., synth, alto sax, bass, drum kit].

1985: Και στην Κορφή Κανένας (modified proverb, originally meaning 'Without Rhyme or Reason') [recording project; vv., ac./el. gtr., synth, bass, drum machine, drum kit].

1985: '85 experimental project [main instr.: v., pf, bass, perc.].

1984: '84 experimental project [main instr.: v., el. gtr., bass, perc.].

1983: Dull Day [4-member band: vv., ac./el. gtr./kbds, bass, drum kit].

1982-1983: Απόβλητοι (Rejects) [3-member band: vv., ac./el. gtr., bass, drum kit].

1980-1981: Φουντούκια (Hazelnuts) [duo: vv., non-amplified/amp. el. gtr., ac. gtr., bass, found objects].

1980-1981: Plankton [5-member band: vv., synth/pf, ac./el. gtr., bass, drum kit].

1980: AGD [trio: vv., ac./el. gtr., kbds, found objects].

1977-1980: Fletchers [4-member band: vv., ac./el. gtr., bass, perc.].

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