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Aki Pasoulas is a composer and a Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Kent. He is the Director of MAAST (Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre) and the Principal Investigator for the AHRC-funded project ‘A Sonic Palimpsest: Revisiting Chatham Historic Dockyards’. He served in the past as Director of Education, Director Music Programmes, Chief Examiner, deputy Director of Research and Senior Tutor. He holds a PhD on timescale perception in electroacoustic music (supervised by Denis Smalley, AHRC funded), and between 2004 and 2012 he taught at universities in London including City, Middlesex, and the University of the Arts. His research interests include acousmatic music, time and timescale perception in relation to music, psychoacoustics and sound perception, spatial sound, acoustic communication, and soundscape ecology especially in relation to listening psychology. He has written for instruments, found objects, voice, recorded and electronic sound, composed music for the theatre and for short films, and organised and performed with many ensembles. Aki received honourable mentions at international competitions, his scholarly and music works have been published through KPM/EMI, ICMA, Sonos Localia, HELMCA, CUP and OUP, and his compositions have been performed at key events worldwide.

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