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Cellular Structures

[First performed by the New Noise in London, May 2003]

This is a piece for oboe, percussion and recorded sounds.

In the recorded part of the composition, there are small units of related sounds deriving from one original sonic object. The cells obtained mainly through granulation form small structures that connect to each other either via a bridge, or by a merging process. A similar technique is followed with the material played by the live instruments; single sounds or series of tones introduce organic units, which progressively lose their original form and become irregular either in pitch, rhythm or timbre. The whole piece is animated by this behaviour, resembling an organism that consists of living cells.

All the sounds in the recorded part relate to the two performers. The only sonic element that does not belong to this collection is a foreign sound which is introduced at some point, causing a disturbance in the cellular structure of the piece.


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