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Irides (Listen)

Irides literally means rainbows. In Greco-Roman mythology, rainbows were thought to be bridges made by the goddess Iris and connected heaven and earth. Irides are multicoloured arcs caused by diffraction and dispersion of light by water droplets in the air. Similarly, in this composition, momentary sunny spells and droplets of rain give rise to spectra, bands of colours, arcs that form double, triple and multiple sonic rainbows that permeate the scenery of the piece.

The work was premiered in April 2017 at the Sound of Memory symposium at Goldsmiths Great Hall, London. It has been subsequently selected for performances at the ISSTA
(Irish Sound Science and Technology Association) conference at Dundalk, Ireland; at the Sound/Image conference in London; at the ICMC2017 (International Computer Music Conference) in Shanghai, China; at the Helicotrema festival in Venice, Italy, in a concert curated by Hildegard Westerkamp; at the SMC2018 (Sound & Music Computing) conference in Limassol, Cyprus; at the CIME/ICEM MUSICACOUSTICA 36th General Assembly organised by the Electroacoustic Music Association of China, in Beijing; at the Electroacoustic Music Days in Corfu, Greece; at the San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2019; at the 'Electroacoustic Music in Great Britain: Past/Present/Future' conference in London 2019; at the 'Rediscoveries 11' concert series in Aberdeen 2019; and at the ‘Mapping Spaces, Sounding Places’ conference in Cremona, Italy (2019, forthcoming). A binaural version of a multi-speaker live diffusion of Irides is published by Sonos Localia.

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