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Particles Of Dust

The piece was created with the collaboration between a number of sound generators and myself. The generators were constantly producing sounds with changing image (spectra, pitch and distribution of sound events in time) to which I was responding, either by changing one of their characteristics, or by inserting and controlling supplementary sound events.

The work was composed at several stages. I set up my collaborators - modules that would give me certain sound results (still unpredictable to a certain degree) - and I responded to their generated sounds according to visual images with which I associated them.

The title was chosen after the piece was finished, based on my mental images during the collaborative composition between the machine and myself. The dominating image was that of a flight through air space full of dust made by small bits of steel and iron. I identified myself with the sustained sound; my flight was hindered by the ferric particles and changed direction many times, until the environment took over and my imaginary presence settled on the ground.

The piece was originally created as a response to the early negative views of surrealists on the functionality of music as an art form (according to Breton, de Chirico etc., during the 1920s). Both the machine and myself used the surrealist method of automatic writing and were engaged in a dialogue to produce the Particles of Dust.

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